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VisionSoft Benefit Plan

VisionSoft has developed a comprehensive benefit plan for consultants. Some of the features of this plan are as under: -
Health Insurance

VisionSoft offers to its employees and their immediate dependents a comprehensive medical and dental insurance coverage . VisionSoft pays 75% of the monthly premium for the employee and 50 % for the dependents. For new employees, the insurance takes 45-60 days to come into effect. Details of the services covered under the insurance plan are outlined in a separate document available with VisionSoft Administration.
Group Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment

VisionSoft salaried employees are covered, at no incremental cost, by group term life insurance in the amount equal to a maximum of $20,000. In case of Accidental Death and Dismemberment, the amount doubles.

Disability Protection

VisionSoft provides short-term disability protection effective after the first day of an accident or the eighth day of illness. Short-term disability insurance is designed to provide partial salary continuation for an employee who, while under the care of physician, is unable, due to sickness or injury, to perform the main duties of his regular job. It is paid at different levels and terms based on seniority (or specific state mandates). Disability coverage is provided by VisionSoft at no cost to the salaried employee.

Employees are eligible for 10 days of paid vacation per year.
Personal & Sick Leave

Full time employees are eligible for six (6) days paid personal / sick leave per year. They accrue at half days per month and may be used for any reason. Any unused personal / sick leave can be reimbursed at the end of the project or at the end of the year.

VisionSoft observes nine holidays each year, Employees working in VisionSoft office, receive holiday pay for New Year's, Memorial Day, Independence Day, President's Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following, Christmas day and Christmas Eve. However, employees working at client site, have to follow client's holiday calendar instead.

VisionSoft reviews salary of its employees periodically based on their performance and client's feedback. Minimum duration for first review is Six months.

VisionSoft provides its employees, Relocation benefits to cover the following expenses
Airfare for self

1 week motel

1 week meals
week of car rental

Expenses may be reimbursed subject to approval from VISIONSOFT Admin department. No expense can be claimed without prior approval.

This policy applies to new and existing employees who are relocating at VisionSoft's request.


VisionSoft's Salary payment schedule is as under: VisionSoft has a direct deposit system for s alary payment.
  Period   Pay Day
1 st to 15 th Last day of the month
16 th to last working day of the month 16 th of next month
Excess Billed Hours (EBH) benef

Its VISIONSOFT has a policy to pay for the Excess Billed Hours (EBH) to all employees in case they work beyond the usual working hours in a month. After obtaining client approval, the excess-billed hours can be claimed on monthly basis and be calculated based on employee's
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